Thursday, January 14, 2010


Despite being holed up in my pajamas for most of the week, I'm feeling rather productive today. My books were mailed out to most of the bloggers I contacted, and I sent in my long, LONG list of typos. Now I just have to hope that they agree to fix them all. (prays)

I'm slightly nervous about the reviews of my book- I mean, who wouldn't be? But I figure at least ONE blogger has to like it, and either way it might get some people to take a look at the book (or my blog). I'm also looking for bloggers who do a cover feature. The cover of my book isn't amazing, but it's interesting-looking, and obviously if more people see the cover more people will know the book exists.

One thing that surprised me was that, while I was looking for typos, I started actually READING the book and realizing how much I feel for all the characters. I hope they don't all sound like me, heh. Or maybe I'm going to start sounding like them?

My mom is a fervent Diana Gabaldon fan (though from what I hear this last book was a bit disappointing) and every once in a while I hear her ask, "If I love the characters in that book, does that mean I'm in love with Diana Gabaldon?"

Well, I don't think so. But it's hard to say, isn't it? How much of an author actually GOES into each character? Creating a person, whether physically or mentally, is quite a task (obviously if you're doing it physically it's a much more challenging endeavor).
Is Edward Cullen really just a warped version of Stephenie Meyer? What about Patch from Hush, Hush (which I still need to read)? Is he really just Becca Fiztpatrick? Did I spell her name correctly? Were all the Austen men based on Jane Austen's lovers? Even for a writer, it's hard to say.
In my case, I wouldn't suggest that I'm anything like Sid, but that Sid is more like someone that I'd like to meet. That's how I generally think of characters, as people that I am finding and getting to know, or people that I want in my life. Sometimes they come out as a weird mixture of people I already know, but for the most part nobody's based on or mimicking one specific real person.
I don't think my mom's in love with Diana Gabaldon. But who knows? Maybe half the nation is really just in love with Stephenie Meyer.
That's a little creepy...

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