Friday, April 1, 2011

(facepalm) Why?

So I'm in Paris right now and haven't been blogging about books (although I've read about ten since coming here, it's been really great- Shakespeare and Co, man). I might review Low Red Moon and Rosebush pretty soon, since I did read them both after buying them in the Belfast airport. (Rosebush was pretty great, and Low Red Moon isn't bad, but admittedly there were times that I asked myself "Why THIS book?")

But after my friend showed me THIS post- in which a self-published author behaves VERY improperly (and I'm sure plenty of you have seen fact, it's probably old news) I had to say something. I'll keep it brief-

PLEASE, please, I beseech you bloggers, do not take this woman's remarks to be the way that ALL self-published or "indie" authors feel and behave. Authors DO want fair reviews. Obviously we love to see good reviews, but FAIRNESS is what's important. This review was fair, constructive, honest, and all negative comments were justified. That's all we as authors can asked (whether self-published or not!). So please don't write off indie or self-published authors just because of one person who behaved badly. I love even the bad reviews I've gotten just because they've helped me see my writing from another perspective and also to FIX things that admittedly, needed fixing. Fair, honest reviews people. That's what's important. This lady doesn't represent the majority.

If you see this post, let me know what you think! Also, let me know what you thought of Low Red Moon because I know there's been some debate. I'll eventually post a review and what not.

And if you're interested in my Paris blog here's a link-