Tuesday, August 10, 2010

(also look at this, it's funny and related to another excellent book)


A Bad Bad Blogger (and a very good book!)

I've been the world's worst blogger this summer, but I had to poke my head out of my non-blogging turtle shell (did I ever mention that dialogue, not description, is my strength?) because KIRSTEN MILLER'S NEW BOOK IS OUT!
Kirsten Miller is one of my very favorite authors (and the reason I add "very" is because there are so many favorites that I have to classify them) and has just released her book "The Eternal Ones." I read an ARC that she was kind enough to send me in the winter, and I highly, highly recommend it as well as her Kiki Strike books (best read while eating Twizzler's pullnpeels). The tagline?

What if love refused to die?

It's beautiful, isn't it? It's really a great story, about past lives, love and mystery.
I have to admit that the idea of reincarnation scares me to no end. I've been pretty happy in this life, I see no reason to have another go around (especially if I come back as, say, an ant). But Kirsten Miller makes it sound so enticing, with a secret society that shows re-incarnates the way to their true selves, with a mysterious lost love guided only by broken memories. Haven goes from the South to New York to Italy and back, meeting a girl who chants a deals with snakes, avoiding mysterious men who are following her, finding out terrible secrets about her family and a man who was supposed to be helping her. She finds Iain Morrow, who's been haunting her mind with visions and dreams her entire life, and discovers that he is her reincarnated love, Ethan. Then she finds out that, in their last life, Ethan may have murdered her.

Look, it's good. Just read the thing.

Anyway, I think I'm going to come back to the blogosphere. I'll probably start with some reviews (I'm fighting to finish Beautiful Creatures) because reading has helped me get back into the writing groove. Then I think I'll get back to talking about my own book and what I've been writing for the past few months. Because it's all beginning to come together...

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Check out these links to Kiki and The Eternal Ones. Kiki Strike's website is worth it just for the creepy noises that sound when you first enter the site, but there's also an awesome blog of strange and cool things (and of course book/character info).
The Eternal Ones site has an excerpt and a trailer (and you've probably seen it all over the blogosphere lately!)