Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Book Trailers (and sandwich)

I kind of want to write a post on the sandwich I just made, because it was AMAZING. Also, I know that there are bloggers who are up late at night and crave just this sort of thing after long hours of surfing and writing.

BUT this blog is not about food! I was reading a review over on The Book Butterfly, (which I now follow along with a zillion other book blogs that I love) and have decided that along with Hush, Hush, Beautiful Creatures, and The Eternal Ones (though I have to confess that The Eternal Ones is first on my list- she's my favorite author, I can't help it) I must also read The Mark. Better circle January 19th on my calendar...
At the end of the blurb and the author interview, there was a video. I assumed it was a trailer, but it turned out to be a reading of the first chapter. This turned out to be just as tantalizing, if not more.
I've watched trailers for Bliss by Lauren Myracle (another favorite of mine), Kiki Strike, a book I think was called Dream Life by Lauren Mechling (I'm so sorry if I messed up the title or author), Love, Stargirl, Nineteen Minutes (which has a WAY better ending than My Sister's Keeper, in my opinion), and definitely a few more that I just can't remember at the moment. They were all done a bit differently, and I suppose each one worked for each book (though I haven't read the one by Lauren Mechling). So now I'm trying to decide what type of trailer would work for MY book.
"A House Afire" would probably not make a great movie, but if I had actors and you know, special effects, talent in film-making, etc, I could envision a pretty cool trailer for the story.
It would start with the basic description of the Sorin house, and Phyllis and Sid and what not.
Sid would probably be introduced by this scene:

Key hugged him, then me, and while she did, she whispered, “There’s
an incredibly hunky fellow standing by the door staring at you, Phyllis.”
“Dark hair?” I whispered.
“Leather jacket?” I whispered hopefully.
“Looks like he might be able to hear us?”
“Yeah, actually. He kinda’ looks like he’s trying not to smile.”
“That’s Sid.” My face—my entire being, truthfully—lit up.

There'd maybe be a part of the jock scene, just because I enjoy that scene.

Then it would end with stuff like:

Butch: "Hey Sparky."
Quincy: "This girl's so hot she breathes fire!"
(Phyllis sitting across from him rolls her eyes)
Then there'd be a shot of her actually breathing fire.

Quincy: "Sid's got some wolf to him, I guess you'd say."
(shot of Sid as a wolf)

Sid in earlier scene: "I'm too old for you, Philly."
Phyllis in later scene: "No, you're immortal."

A little corny, but it would be visually attention-grabbing if it worked out the way it does in my mind. Who knows? Now if it were like a movie trailer, we'd have to get a shot of Phyllis kissing either Sid or Eric, a shot of her breathing fire AT someone, and some of the silly Quincy banter. And there you go.

As for what I really can do, my options are limited. I think I might do something more like this:


Kirsten Miller sent me this link. This is the trailer for Lauren Mechling's book. It's simple, but somehow enticing to me. Plus it seems like a much more plausible way to make a trailer, and it would be fun to pick out a good song for it.
The other idea I might use is just doing a reading the way Jen Nadol did for The Mark. It wouldn't be the prologue or first chapter, though. My book's set up in kind of an odd order, so it would really just be a random excerpt. I suppose we'll see, but I'm continuing to search for ideas until I settle on something. So far I have a whole list of songs for it, though.

I'm also fixing typos now, and I have a whole bunch, heh. Nothing worse than "Claud Rains" though, I promise.

Oh, and that sandwich?
Wheat bread, smart balance, miracle whip, sprouts, turkey, cheese, tomato, hummus.
Just trust me, it was SO GOOD.
Now, time for more editing! The sooner I get this done, the sooner I can get more books, the sooner I can talk to more bloggers, etc.

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