Tuesday, January 12, 2010


So, I really should be looking through my book for typos (or like, totally sleeping) because I got in touch with my publishers about them. But somehow it seems I was mainly concerned about Claude Rains' name. It's hard for me to read the book. When I don't like it, I wonder if it's only because I wrote it, and when I DO like it, I wonder if it's only because I wrote it. It DOES make me happy though, when I'm scrolling/flipping/skimming pages and a random line draws my attention; at least then I know that this is the sort of line that would draw my attention anyway, which means that, hopefully, it'll draw the attention of a few others as well.

Also, apparently every Barnes and Noble store is a little bit different than the next, which means I get to bother them all, one by one. Mwahahahaha!! My next step? To ask everyone I possibly can to go to local bookstores and libraries and ask about the book. I might give them a recommendation of what book to buy, too. I stopped by Barnes and Noble today and decided that I'd better take a look at Hush, Hush. All I hear about Hush, Hush is that it's amazing, sexy, thrilling...you get the picture. Sadly, I am but a poor student, so rather than purchase the book, I settled down and read the first 2 1/2 chapters. Then I told my mom to order it for the library. I have to ask her to order Beautiful Creatures as well, because that looks like one I need to read.

As you can see I've trailed away from my own book and started talking about others. It's nice to be able to read things I really WANT to read rather than what's REQUIRED, and so I'm trying to take advantage of this while I can. Plus, if I'm reading other things while I'm looking over my OWN book, it helps me stay in the mindset of a reader rather than an author— though, of course, the two can often be interchangeable. I just have to work on that.

Last night (er, this morning) I finished Lips Touch 3 Times, and my goodness was it beautiful. Such a gorgeous read, heartbreakingly lovely and filled with savory words. I'm generally not a fantasy girl, but this sort of gothic poetic storytelling was irresistible. I highly recommend the book.

But...my biggest news? Here it is!

Kirsten Miller (author of the amazing Kiki Strike series) was kind enough to send me an ARC of her newest book, "The Eternal Ones"! I can't wait to get into this story, and though it isn't this blog's intended purpose I fully intend to post a big exciting review. Because there's nothing like a good storyteller with a good book.

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