Wednesday, January 6, 2010


So, since someone might actually read this :) I thought I would share a bit more valuable information.

Let me reiterate some things: The book is published by a small publisher. I was pretty much the editor.

So I have to take full responsibility for what I am about to say:
I spelled Claude Rains' name incorrectly in the book. I spelled it C-L-A-U-D. (hangs head in shame) But, hopefully I can get it changed before the book is officially released, which is in February.

Aside from me being enormously negligent and rather idiotic...well, typos DO occur. And given the poor editation of this book by myself(yeah I know, sometimes I make up words), well, expect them. Okay? EXPECT TYPOS, THERE WILL BE TYPOS, THE BOOK ISN'T OFFICIALLY RELEASED YET.

I can't believe I left the e out of Claude Rains. I have a Casablanca poster next to my bedroom door!! Perhaps we can blame Phyllis, my narrator. Technically she's the one talking, isn't she? And she's not really a reader, I've noticed. I bet she'll get there though. I better stop before I start talking about the future of these characters before anyone even gets to know them!

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