Sunday, May 16, 2010

More books! More book blogging! I'm back on the radar!

Goodness, I've been gone a long time. Hopefully I can coax some people back to reading my blog!
I haven't been doing a whole lot of author-type stuff lately, though the Book Pixie was nice enough to let Phyllis post on her blog!

So, for a while there I was thinking that maybe Angels are becoming the new Vampire, but lately I've noticed that Mermaids are starting to make a comeback! Such cool stuff in the world of books. I think I'm going to stick with my firebreathing girl for the time being, but who knows? Anything could happen.

I don't usually do a lot of talking about other books here, but I thought I would talk a little bit about the two latest books I've read/am reading. I just finished "Break" by Hannah Moskowitz, which I'd been wanting to read since January!

It was a good book, a quick read, and it inspired a lot of thought. There were parts where I became a little confused, though. I'M POSTING ABOUT THE END OF THE BOOK.
Okay, I think I'm covered now.

When the main character, Jonah, who's about 17 and has been on a quest to break all the bones in his body, is admitted into a mental facility, seemed like that all happened really fast. I mean, don't get me wrong, it happened really fast in "Girl, Interrupted" too. But is that really all it takes? One talk with a psychiatrist and BAM, institution?
Also, would a high school principal really take the time to find a troubled student at a hockey game? Would the staff of a mental facility really accuse a patient of hurting other patients within 1-3 days of being there? The staff of Jonah's mental institution seemed almost eager to accuse him when other patients began to follow his example; wouldn't they investigate it further before throwing him into isolated confinement with what sounded like gusto?
That part of the book bothered me, if you can't tell. Also, this was probably implied, but I wish someone had stated outright that going outside or fresh air had gotten Jonah's brother, Will, to stop crying. Maybe I didn't read the book thoroughly enough; that DOES happen, and frequently in my case. Otherwise, I would definitely say it's a worthwhile read, and a very interesting idea. I just felt that at times it went by too quickly, like Jonah suddenly is being called crazy and then he starts to BE crazy? I had a lot of questions, and one of the questions I asked most was "Does this really make sense?"

The characters were great, though. Jonah and his brother, Jesse, were both very interesting, and the descriptive language was excellent. I would definitely read more from Hannah Moskowitz.

Now onto the book I'm in the middle (well, more like the beginning) of right now. Demon Princess, Reign or Shine. The title is straight and to the point, and so far the pace is fast! I'm loving it; it's fun, smart, cute, and somehow not completely ridiculous. I'm betting it'll be a great read.

Okay, so more posts will be coming. I know I made a list of future posts a while back, and all will come to fruition over this summer. Now, on to getting some readers back...

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