Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Ivy

I made a whole big list of books to read and buy over break, but I'm going to be so very very busy in the two coming weeks that I decided to put most of them on hold.
There is one book, though, that from the moment I opened it up at Barnes and Noble, I knew I had to read it right away. And that book is The Ivy.
Since coming to college myself, it's been my opinion that there just aren't enough YA books that are about college. I've read very few that actually take place AT college. ("Better Than Running At Night" is one book that has a college setting, though.) That's one of the many reasons I am DYING to read this book. I'm only a few pages in, but I'm already hooked. Those Harvard students don't mess around, man.

Another reason I'm so interested in YA books with a college setting is because the newest story that I'm working on is set on a college campus. (Set in? Set on?) There's so much you can do with a story within a college environment that it surprises me that this type of setting seems so hard to find.

However, it's occurred to me that perhaps I'm mistaken, or looking in the wrong places, or just completely oblivious. Can you think of any great YA titles that take place in a college setting?


  1. Thanks for your comment i'm your new follower too now :D !
    Oh that's great! Where are you going in France? Yeah I write my reviews in french so you can read them and practice your french :). And I can help you with some sentences : do you have facebook?
    I'm a college freshman majoring in english so with my blog I can practice english with others bloggers I totally understand you :).

    Oh and I saw that you're a writer :D i've put your book in my to-read list on goodreads :).

  2. Wow that's awesome :D what are you studying exactly?
    Which one are you on facebook? ^^ I didn't find you !
    Oh and yeaaah i'm really interested in receiving a copy of your book for review :D !

  3. Yeah i'm so happy I can't wait :D !
    Have you read any book by Maggie?

    And I've just seen the trailer of your book on youtube it sounds really great :p I really want to review it if it is possible :).

  4. I can't really think of any. Most are set around school more than college. I am wanting to read The Ivy too. It sounds really good.