Friday, April 9, 2010

Recent Blog Posts I've Enjoyed (And You Might Too!)

Hooray, getting closer to my goal of 40 followers!

So, here I am in college with lots of homework and planning and blah blah blah...up at 2 am...not studying or sleeping...
Clearly time management has yet to become my most prominent skill, which, if anyone's been checking up here regularly, affects this blog as well as my book's circulation! Nooo!!!

Hopefully there will be a couple reviews and interview coming up in the next few weeks. For the time being, however, I wanted to do something to keep up to date on the blogosphere. So here are links to some of my favorite recent posts from bloggers:
A positively excellent post about book reviews.
Some hilarious book-related pins.
A lovely post about book blogger etiquette (yeah, I found this through The Story Siren)
Honestly, all of the posts on this blog seem in some way helpful to writers, which makes me love it even more! I can't pick just one post.

That's all for now, mostly because I'm tired and have an exam on Monday. But I highly recommend these posts, whether for laughs or for learning (or both, which is the best way to go).


  1. Those are all lovely posts and great bloggers. :)

  2. Here from the Saturday Network :)