Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Book News!

So, Nikki from ahauntofancientpeace.blogspot.com was kind enough to read my book, review it, AND post a contest and interview with me. Check it out!

About the review...
It's not a good review. Cough, well, it's kind of a terrible review. But I encourage you to read it, because honestly? This book isn't for everyone; I suppose no book is. Nikki described it as more like a journal, and she's right. It's more like you're living with Phyllis for a year. Thus far readers have either really liked that, or just didn't care for it, and well, that's how most books work, isn't it? One of the things about Nikki's critique that I liked was that she cited examples from the book- that's going to help me out immensely. Thanks Nikki!

There is, of course, that Ouch! after reading a bad review. But all things considered, it's good for me, and it's helpful- it'll help me improve my writing. I appreciate that, perhaps more than anything. So go take a look. Maybe it'll make you curious, or maybe it'll help you to decide that this is NOT the book for you.

Also, yeah, Phyllis and Sid's relationship? A little sketchy. I plan on addressing this in a future post- despite his flaws Sid is one of my favorite people to write. But he's not the best guy.

And thanks for following, Book Crazy Jenn! New goal is 33 followers.


  1. Good luck with your goal :) Glad to be here - your book, negitive review and all, sounds intresting! :)

  2. I hope my review doesn't turn too many people off of the book because even though I found Sid to sketchy, he was probably my favorite character (or maybe Taylor was). He has some really great moments and lines, but I had trouble getting past his relationship with Phyllis.

    Thanks again Emma! I appreciate you letting me review your book and the interview was a lot of fun.